1. I seriously don't know what it's called.
    Please help if you know it. Feel free to challenge me.
  2. 16 sticks lined up like this
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  3. 2 player game
  4. The goal is to force your opponent to pick up the last stick
  5. Each turn you can take any number of sticks you want from a row of your choice.
    You can take one stick from the bottom row or you can take the whole thing. You can chose whatever row you like to take sticks from. You cannot, however, take sticks from different rows in a single turn.
  6. Example:
    First it's my turn, I take a one stick from the bottom row. Then it's your turn. You take out the whole three stick row. Then it's my turn again and so on.
  7. Feel free to challenge me!
    Either next time you see me or we can do some serious listing.
  8. Secret
    The person who starts has in theory already lost. This is all I was told when I first learned the game. If you do ask me to play, I promise I will go first. No, it's not reverse psychology.
  9. More importantly
    It drives me crazy that there's no name for this. There probably is and I just can't find it. Do you know what it is? Suggestions?