£1 = $1.5, roughly. I love a lot of these movies, and some of these I actually want.
  1. A wrench. Sorry, a red wrench. $450. From Armageddon, but still...
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  2. $9,000? For Robin's nipple suit?! Holy expensive halloween costume Batman!
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  3. You guys, it's a fedora! Not sure there ever was a time when they looked good on anyone. $7,500.
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  4. Maybe I'm just not a fan of vests any more, but $600 a piece?
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  5. Jason Bourne's derelict look is SO hot for fall, but $3,000 is slightly more than I'm looking to spend. Though it is a full outfit!
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  6. This... $1,500. Yes that is Legends. Yes it's just the horn.
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  7. Indiana Jones' hat's lesser famous, older brother is $6,000.
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  8. James Bond's shirt. I think. Definitely a shirt though. $1,200! The patch for $300 actually kind of makes sense next to this random shirt from the 70s.
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  9. James Bond's shirts, part II. For going to the discotheque or just for the office, it's the same cheap price of $1,200 each.
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  10. This futuristic gadget for just $2,250. I wonder if it comes with the cast.
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  11. Stop it! $1,500! Ethan Hunt's look in M:I, but STOP IT!
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  12. Oh, wait. Benji Dunn's outfit in Ghost Protocol is at least cheaper, but still $600. Go to Target guys, save some money!
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  13. Finally, I LOVE The Matrix. But a shirt, pants and shoes with "Morpheus" sharpied on them cannot be worth $3,000. Yes they can apparently.
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