I'm in an optimistic place today.
  1. Will probably keep the app alive for much longer
    I'm assuming the guys at @list aren't making this app for the heck of it, so this needs to happen so that we can make lists for years to come
  2. We all get to brag about being on/believing in The List App when it first started
  3. A lot of people will discover how wonderful this app is, and we will get tons of new funny and inspiring members
  4. This is a very warm place to be with a lot of wonderful people, and this is an opportunity to share the joy and laughter
  5. PS: Yes! There will probably be new members that aren't so great (see good list of concerns from @jaketapper ), but is it really an option to shut them out?
  6. I got to change my avatar to Ikea Monkey and call it "privacy"
    Suggested by @sally