I'm getting married this summer (2nd time but still with wife #1). The same aunt who wrote me the fantastically honest Christmas card sent me another one for the wedding. The card contained Norwegian money, which is why I opened it now. As before, I cannot make this up and this is a verbatim translation.
  1. You've chosen to get married in the USA and to settle down there
  2. Hope you don't regret this decision but you have to realize
  3. 25-50% of marriages end in divorce
  4. Make sure to have a backup plan if something should happen in the future
  5. Have your own bank account your wife can't access
  6. Save some money so you're covered if things don't go the way you hope and feel they will today
  7. Even though I'm giving you this money for 25/6-16
  8. They're meant only for you
  9. NOT for the both of you
  10. I hope everything is ok with your future
  11. Regards [My Aunt]
  12. ---
  13. I know this is her way of saying she loves me
  14. She actually gave me a really nice gift
  15. I can't help but respect her directness
  16. Here's to family!
  17. Love, Peter