Very much inspired by Every Single Word Spoken -
  1. Dean Thomas and the Time He Didn't Know Anything About Any Stone But Pointed Out Something Magical That Turned Out to Be Important to Harry
  2. Dean Thomas and that Time He Saw Ron's Owl, Which Had Little To Do With Anything Related to Some Chamber
  3. Dean Thomas and the Time He Was Just In the Background and Another Black Guy Had Some Lines Instead... Oh and a Prisoner Escaped from Azkaban.
  4. Dean Thomas and When He Couldn't See Harry in the Water During the Exciting Goblet Tournament
  5. Dean Thomas and How He Didn't Know Harry Could Do This One Thing That Is Slightly Connected to the Order of a Phoenix
  6. Dean Thomas as the Prince of Being a Background Actor
  7. Dean Thomas Doesn't Know Anything About Dealthy Hallows And Goes to School Like a Good Boy - Part 1
  8. Dean Thomas Still Doesn't Learn What Deathly Hallows Are But Follows Orders to Protect His School - Part 2
  9. Secret movie #9 / Part 3: Dean Thomas Graduates and Starts Kicking Butt on How to Get Away With Murder