Because he's apparently meeting anyone these days
  1. I asked "How did you get here? Was parking bad?"
    He giggled like a little altar boy.
  2. He tried to give me a rosary bead and I hissed while pretending to melt
    Jk pope, but seriously get that away from me.
  3. I asked him where he got his Halloween costume
    He apparently has people for that.
  4. He pitched me a TV show that was basically Pimp My Ride with his 22 Popemobiles
    It would only be one season, but he claims to have a strong following so you never know where it might lead to.
  5. We hit an awkward silence, so he started doing push-ups
  6. It turned into a push-up competition
    He won...
  7. My pride was hurt so I challenged him to a thumb war
    He won...
  8. We did rock - paper - scissors
    I chose rock, he chose paper but pronounced it "papal." I took up a piece of paper and destroyed it with a rock. He said "touché, rock is THE choice!" See @ChrisK, @ErinFlaherty and I have the voice of God behind us.
  9. At some point I realize he hasn't asked me a single question about myself. What a jackass.
  10. I decide not to say anything until he shows interest in my life
    10 minutes of silence goes by.
  11. Finally, I tell him I have to leave because I just remembered I don't believe in God
    It's awkward, but necessary.