I tried it by accident. I was visiting a friend who was going through a rough patch. I wanted to get him out of the house and we randomly decided to go to the driving range.
  1. It was harder than I thought it would be, and I like a challenge.
  2. The basics are easy enough to understand (tough hard to perfect), so it doesn't take a long time before you can start playing on a course.
  3. Actually, you can start on the course if you want. There's no stopping you. It just takes longer to finish if you suck.
  4. It's not just for old people!
  5. Though this is a game where you can only get better and age isn't a bad thing.
  6. It's not as expensive as you think! There are cheaper courses. Equipment doesn't have to be crazy either, and you can rent it in the beginning.
  7. It's insanely satisfying to hit a good shot.
  8. Getting your first Par makes you feel on top of the world.
  9. Getting your first Birdie (one under Par) makes you feel invincible.
  10. I saw my friend get his first Eagle, which incidentally was a hole-in-one. I now have to be better than him!
  11. You can't blame a loss/bad shot on anyone else but yourself.
  12. You spend hours places like this.
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