I know this is really dumb. It's not a bet with anyone! I just want to do it to save some money, lose some weight, force myself to eat a little more healthy, work out more, etc. Hopefully at the end of my 31 days I will have found ways I enjoy being healthy. Add suggestions if you have them, but I'm not guaranteeing that I'll follow all of them.
  1. No alcohol
    I can't cancel getting drinks with people and avoid going to parties.
  2. Work out every damn day... Ok, maybe not Sundays.
    It doesn't have to be a hardcore workout, but walking my lazy dog for 5 minutes doesn't count either.
  3. No bread
    One of my greatest weaknesses.
  4. No sugary things
  5. No frozen or fast food
    This will actually be tricky, but I feel like it shouldn't
  6. Make food schedules
    Actually, any tips on good recipes and such would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Make a log list about the whole thing at the end.
    This will probably end up being a 31 point list about how much I hate myself for doing this.
  8. At the end of the day, write three good things that happened.
    This is an awesome way to keep your mind healthy. It keeps you present in your day to day life, and really helps you recognize and appreciate the little things. And you can just jot them down in your iPhone's Notes if you don't want to go through the trouble of keeping a journal!
    Suggested by @sebastian