1. This may be may last list ever
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  2. Stay tuned
  3. So almost had an emergency when the dog got out and ran right towards the grill. Crisis averted.
  4. Is foil supposed to be smoking?
  5. 30 minutes in and the temperature has barely moved
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  6. Sitting and waiting for the oil to get warm is oddly soothing. The beer helps.
  7. Oh yeah. I've never cooked a whole turkey before either. Fun!
  8. Almost time to rock and roll
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    We're aiming for 350-375
  9. We didn't die putting the turkey in
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  10. It's 50 minutes of boiling oil. Smells amazing!
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  11. Final update: Turkey was amazing! People started eating it ad soon as we cut it. Success! And no one died! More success!
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