1. Honda: Excuse me, is your car broken?
  2. Me: Uhm, yeah. Why?
  3. H: We just want to give you a random act of helpfulness!
  4. M: No thank you.
  5. H: But we want to give you a free car!
  6. M: I said no thank you! Leave me alone.
  7. H: It's really free. We'll give you the keys right now.
  8. M: This is stolen isn't it. What's the catch?
  9. H: No catch, we just gotta film you getting the car and driving it. We want to make your dreams come true...
  10. M: Oh no! I'm not getting into this stolen car, and I'm not going to be in your porno! Now leave me alone before I call the cops!
  11. *Goes back to BangBros HQ* H: We lost another one!