1. Star Cars
    A group of Subarus try to make it at pop stars in a world that hates gasoline fueled cars.
  2. The Lunger Games
    A annual even where people compete for the prize of Best Lunge and all the fame that comes with it. Sally enters the competition with high hopes but has no idea her 360 lunge and thrust move is going to change the world.
  3. Thaws
    A small beach town that relies heavily on tourism faces their biggest enemy... global warming!
  4. Frilight
    Spinoff of Robin Hood based on the lovable Friar Tuck. As England is losing it's religious ties, Friar Tuck tries to start his own religion called "Frilight." Hilarity ensues!
  5. The Adventers
    A team of superheroes unite to make advent calendars, but quickly realizes that no one knows what advent is.