Do I have too much time on my hands? No. No I don't.
  1. George Broshington
  2. Brohn Adams
  3. Thomas Brofferson
  4. James Brodison
  5. James Monbroe
  6. John Brocy Adams
  7. Brodrew Jackson
  8. Martin Van Broren
  9. William Henry Brorrison
  10. Brohn Tyler
  11. James B. Polk
    The B stands for Brodilicious
  12. Zachary Taylbro
  13. Millard Fillbro
    Also who?
  14. Franklin Broce
  15. James Brochanan
  16. Abroham Lincoln
  17. Andrew Brohnson
  18. Ulysses S. Grant
    The S stands for absolutely nothing, but his "secret" first name is Broram (look it up).
  19. Rutherbrod B. Hayes
    Interestingly the B stands for Barry (don't look it up).
  20. James A. Brofield
  21. Broster A. Arthur
  22. Brover Cleveland
    Again, who?
  23. Brojamin Harrison
  24. Brover Cleveland again
    Wait, he served twice? I need to read up on this brochacho. Or you can tell me about him!
  25. William BroKinley
  26. Theodore Brosevelt
  27. William Broward Taft
  28. Woodbro Wilson
    By far my favorite name
  29. Warren G. Broding
  30. Calvin Broolidge
  31. Herbert Broover
  32. Franklin D. Broosevelt
  33. Harry S. Broman
  34. Dwight D. Eisenbrower
  35. Brohn F. Kennedy
  36. Lyndon B. Johnson
    And naturally the B stands for Bronuts
  37. Rich-bro Nixon
  38. Brorald Ford
  39. Jimmy Broter
  40. Bronald Reagan
  41. George H. W. Brosh
  42. Bro Clinton
  43. Brorge W. Brosh
    Too much? Or a perfect reflection of him?
  44. Brorack Obama
  45. ...
  46. Bottom line: too many bros?
  47. Time for a change?