This is overdue but @Thearchivist joined us! Yay! Let's celebrate. Here are a few things about him.
  1. He's the handsome one in the family
    Though you can't tell from his photo
  2. He's funnier than I am
    Though you can't tell from his lists yet
  3. He went through having a tumor and still has a fantastic attitude about life
    He was really young. Got a tumor in the back of his head, which left him handicapped. While that is hard to deal with, he has always had a super positive attitude about life in general and is an absolute joy to be around.
  4. Guess what he does for a living
    Hint: username
  5. Avid reader
    There's always a book around him. He can tell you what he reads himself.
  6. He just bought an apartment
    So he obviously has his life together
  7. Gold medalist
    National Championship in Swimming for the Disabled
  8. Our grandfather prefers him
    Always have. I think it's because Christian was a well behaved kid while I was a little shit. Every time my grandfather talks about us it's like: "Christian is so great and wonderful. Don't get me wrong, Peter is fine but Christian..."
  9. Most people probably prefer him to me actually
  10. He's the only one I'm comfortable calling "bruh"
  11. ...
  12. Welcome!