He was 10 years old and I was 5 when we discovered he had a tumor. It was benign and after two surgeries he got rid of it all. He's fine now luckily!
  1. I felt guilty
    I thought he was dying and that it was my fault. I had no idea what a tumor was but I thought he got it because we fought a lot (like brothers do). I told my mother who assured me it wasn't my fault at all.
  2. We were all sad and scared
    Kind of obvious. It changed everything for all of us!
  3. I grew up really quickly
    Partially because I had to deal with the gravity pf it all, but also because it put a huge strain on my family so I had to be more independent.
  4. Therapy was crucial
    One of the most important things I did. My parents really made the right choice in getting it for me. Made me understand the situation better. Also, helped my parents understand how to handle the situation better.
  5. Support groups too
    Important part of therapy. We were a group of kids who all experienced the same change. Did it for about a year.
  6. My family became closer than ever
    In spite of my parents being divorced and some other drama.
  7. We created an incredible support system for him and each other
  8. I'm insanely proud of him
    He's handicapped. Blind in one eye, no peripheral vision in the other, paralyzed in his right arm and has half his balance in his left foot. He has gone on to win a gold medal (swimming) in the National Championship for the disabled. He got his bachelors, a steady job and he just bought his first apartment.
  9. He set the standard for the rest of us. What he has done always puts my worries and troubles in perspective.
  10. He's one of my biggest inspirations.