1. Being stuck in traffic and all my preset radio channels are playing nothing but commercials
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    Yes, I still listen to the radio. No, I'm not 80.
  2. Bad radio commercials
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    Which is a lot of them unfortunately
  3. People using the words "networking" and "contacts" instead of "talking" and "friends"
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    Especially if your "contact" is someone you "networked" with at a party five years ago who probably doesn't remember your name
  4. Dropping my phone on the ground when there's people around
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    As if they need to know how much of a klutz I can be
  5. Fashion diets. Now it's all about the paleo? I've lost track...
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    Side note, a friend was on a dairy diet and used that as an excuse to eat a bucket of Cold Stone ice cream for dinner
  6. People posting blurry photos
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    Not asking that they're perfect, but get it right or don't show them to me
  7. Credit scores
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  8. Low battery warnings on my phone
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    First of, 20% is actually quite a bit to have left. That's a solid hour (maybe) of list making. Second, I already know! It's right there!
  9. Ice cream
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    I'll be honest. I was the one on the Cold Stone diet.