Was mostly an excuse to make dog puns, and see what the dating app was all about (I was in a relationship at the time and my girlfriend encouraged this). Here are the basics of what happened:
  1. His profile had a few photos. Bio: My name is Doug (the u is silent). I like walks, food and people.
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  2. I swiped right for all men and women who were 20 or older. No judgements.
  3. All dudes swiped right (I assume a lot of them didn't even look at my profile). A lot of women matched too, but not nearly as much as the men. Real sausage fest.
  4. My favorite conversations:
  5. Every time there was an animal in one of the photos, I said the same thing. This was the first guy who answered.
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  6. There was the guy who wanted a dog to be part of his (scam) marketing team (1/2)
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  7. He was almost as persistent as I was (2/2)
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  8. This guy was on the toilet reading a newspaper in his photo
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  9. This guy didn't respond to me after my last message
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  10. This girl knew what was up (1/2)
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  11. She won the game! (2/2)
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  12. I got really busy after around two weeks and I realized how active you have to be on Tinder to keep conversations going, so I deleted my profile.
  13. What did I learn? Absolutely nothing!