I listed about this a while ago and figured I would do a follow up.
  1. I volunteered for this
    It's not like she actually forced my hand. At the same time, if I had said no she would have thought I had something to hide.
  2. We asked so many real questions!
    We asked about 10 each most of which were pretty serious. Many of them didn't make the cut.
  3. A few things I learned from the experience that's not in the video:
  4. My fiancé doesn't think I'm funny.
    The first word she would use to describe me is "different," which is pretty accurate and kinda blunt.
  5. She has had a sex dream that includes one of my friends
    Which one she "doesn't remember"
  6. Neither of us have cheated on each other
  7. PS: The YouTube comments are hilariously ridiculous.
    This is the first time I've been involved in a video that people actually watch. There are a lot of the classic mean comments and I find them hilarious. They're so stupid!