Names of Norwegian Monarchs that are actually real 🇳🇴💯🇳🇴

Photo are representative at best, names are totally true. Google them.
  1. Harald Hairfair
    Like Harald with the good hair. Also famous for his own line of conditioners.
  2. Eric Bloodaxe
    You know... King Bloodaxe!
  3. Haakon the Good
    Good guy.
  4. Harald Greycloak
    He apparently owned a cool cloak. This photo actually popped up when I searched his name, so obviously...
  5. Harald Bluetooth
    Ahead of his time, connected with everything and everyone.
  6. Sweyn Forkbeard
    I guess forks looked differently back then?
  7. Saint Olaf
    Actual saint, declared eternal king of Norway too.
  8. Cnut the Great
    I have a feeling he named himself. Exhibit A: that mustache.
  9. Magnus the Good
  10. Magnus Barefoot
    Didn't own a single pair of shoes.
  11. Magnus the Blind
    Wasn't actually blind, just used it as an excuse to make people carry him around.
  12. Inge the Hunchback
    The movie is actually based on him.
  13. Haakon the Broadshouldered
    Now they're just getting lazy.
  14. Haakon the Old
    Really lazy
  15. Haakon the Young
    Ah come on!!!