I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the US presidents, alive and dead, and I only asked two questions. What do you call your penis? What's it's catchphrase?
  1. George Washington: The Monument
    "Raise The Monument!"
  2. Ulysses S. Grant: Privates
    "Send in the Privates!"
  3. Warren G. Harding: Jerry
    "Hi! I'm Warren Jerry Harding!" After my interview, historians discovered that Warren didn't know what catchphrases were, but he did say this a lot to his mistress. It's also believed that he named his penis after his cousin Jerry, who (and which) is really gross.
  4. John F. Kennedy: JJ
    "Does your PB sandwich want some JJ?" Yes, "PB sandwich" was his name for vaginas.
  5. Lyndon B. Johnson: Jumbo
    "I swear I'm not overcompensating! It's Jumbo!"
  6. Richard Nixon: Watergate Scandal
    "No one knows how deep the Watergate Scandal really goes!"
  7. Bill Clinton: Trouble
    "Heeeeeere's Trouble!"
  8. George W. Bush: Daddy's Boy
    "I'm a Daddy's Boy!" Not sure he understood what was going on.
  9. Barack Obama: Change
    "A feel a big Change coming"
  10. Conclusion?