It's mostly food
  1. Christmas food
    Steamed ship ribs is the favorite, but so many amazing types of meats
  2. Chocolate, especially Freia
    There was a whole debacle because the chocolate used to be so much better before Kraft took over (it was a whole thing, no need to get into it), but we really have amazing chocolate.
  3. Acceptance of socialism
    Actually it's almost expected of you
  4. Lack of gun incidents
  5. Fantastic water straight from the tap
    That's right, no need for a Brita or anything like it
  6. Cheap, non-fancy sparkling water that is actually better than a lot of the more expensive alternatives
    And it's normal to ask for sparkling water there!
  7. Brown cheese
    It's mushy, kinda salty and my friends hate that it sticks to the roof of their mouths. But stick this on a piece of bread with some Nora strawberry jam and I'm sold.
  8. Mackrell in tomato sauce
    It's so good. Mackrell was the first fish I liked and it's still one of my favorites.
  9. Good public transportation
    Had a car but barely used it
  10. Walking places
    It's easier since most places are smaller than LA and because of our good public transportation system, but it was normal to walk everywhere. No long discussions about traffic or parking.
  11. My hometown during winter
    It's called Bergen and it's the second largest city in Norway with its 250,000 inhabitants.
  12. My hometown during summer
    It rains 320 days out of the year, but it's really beautiful. Especially for the week of non-rain and kinda warm summer we get.
  13. My 2nd hometown, Oslo
    I have family and I lived there for a few years. It's a great city you all should visit.
  14. Fish market in my hometown
  15. Fish that doesn't have the word "died pink" on the packaging
  16. Where I used to spend my winters
    Mostly skiing, cross-country and slalom.
  17. Where I used to spend my summers
    Mostly fishing and avoiding the cold water.
  18. Mountains
  19. More mountains
  20. Most mountains