This could probably have gone on forever
  1. New Year's Eve
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  2. Drinking
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  3. More drinking
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  4. Independence Day
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  5. Halloween
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  6. Most drinking
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  7. Thanksgiving Day
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  8. Christmas
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  9. Wow, another drinking one
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  10. Washing your hands
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  11. Theory: everyone with mason jars get drunk a lot
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    I don't know what occasion that is, just saying I'm sensing a theme
  12. Storing things
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  13. Saving money
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  14. Drunken bridesmaids
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    Aka weddings
  15. Desserts
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  16. Any meal apparently
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  17. This is a lot of lemonade
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  18. Turning on the light
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  19. Damn it, now I'm thirsty
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