1. Food porn
    If done right it's 💯. Usually it's more somewhere between 40 and 60.
  2. Selfies in the mirror
    Especially if you're trying to flaunt your six-pack
  3. Selfies that aren't selfies
    As in someone took the photo of you but you're still calling it a selfie
  4. Photos with too many filters and effects
    Stop it, you don't know what you're doing
  5. Unremarkable photos marked #nofilter
    As if we didn't already know
  6. If the focus is off
    If you want me to see it, have the respect to show it to me in focus.
  7. That one where you casually lean up against a brick building/industrial garage door/something with graffiti, pretending you casually hang out there all the damn time
    You've never been there before and you're posing really hard
  8. Headshot as profile pictures
    I know it might help you, that's fine (and I hope it does). Just can't get behind it.
  9. 80% of Instagram
  10. 90% of Facebook
  11. 100% of Google+
    I'm assuming