Inspired by @13spencer and @mlh
  1. Baby photo of me. I'm happy since this is not the most embarrassing baby photo of me on the internet.
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    For some reason
  3. My dog was in a video for Buzzfeed, but I had no idea I was tagged in it
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  4. This very happy Norwegian (I'm assuming)
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  5. Rude Buzzfeed!
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  6. Looks like Norwegian politician (really)
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  7. Everyone loves a kidder
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  8. My name does not sound Italian enough for this.
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  9. Uhm.... I don't even know.
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  10. My wife's cousin. I don't know how Google Images would know that.
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  11. Not me!
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  12. Again, wrong person.
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  13. This weirdly kinda looks like me, but no.
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  14. Points if you know who this famous poet is!
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