1. So Tiger Woods needs a back surgery...
  2. and most media outlets are using photos that make it seems like he's...
  3. either farting or trying to hold one in.
  4. What?!
  5. I know they're just trying to show him in pain, but it looks a little suspicious.
  6. Especially this slight wafting of his rear.
  7. Uhm...?
  8. OR, has this been his secret all along?!
  9. Literally letting it rip off the tee for more power.
  10. "Save it for the put Tiger. Save iiiiiiit."
  11. "Ah yeaaaaah"
  12. "Do they know I'm farting? Can they hear? How good are these microphones around us? Come on Tiger! Get your head in the game. YOU'RE GRRRRRREAT!"
  13. "Oh, I can taste it"
  14. I guess best of luck with the surgery ...
  15. and remember...
  16. fart and be proud! 🐯 🌲🌲🌲🌲