1. So Tiger Woods needs a back surgery...
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  2. and most media outlets are using photos that make it seems like he's...
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  3. either farting or trying to hold one in.
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  4. What?!
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  5. I know they're just trying to show him in pain, but it looks a little suspicious.
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  6. Especially this slight wafting of his rear.
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  7. Uhm...?
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  8. OR, has this been his secret all along?!
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  9. Literally letting it rip off the tee for more power.
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  10. "Save it for the put Tiger. Save iiiiiiit."
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  11. "Ah yeaaaaah"
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  12. "Do they know I'm farting? Can they hear? How good are these microphones around us? Come on Tiger! Get your head in the game. YOU'RE GRRRRRREAT!"
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  13. "Oh, I can taste it"
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  14. I guess best of luck with the surgery ...
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  15. and remember...
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  16. fart and be proud! 🐯 🌲🌲🌲🌲
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