Real questions, real tears. I still love you Americans!
  1. What [US] state is Norway in?
    I should say my American accent is pretty solid.
  2. Where is Norwegia?
  3. Do you guys have the sun there?
    To be fair, certain parts of Norway is north of the arctic circle, so there's no daylight in the winter and no night-time in the summer. I explain I'm from more south in Norway and people are for some reason disappointed.
  4. Isn't that like IKEA land?
    Me: IKEA is Swedish, but we do have them. They're all over the world. Her/Him: That's what I mean!
  5. Don't you just LOOOOVE IKEA?!
    Actually, I do love the food court and the ice cream at the end. Reminds me of home and it's only place I can get one of my favorite chocolates (Daim).
  6. Do you speak IKEA? (Mostly referring to the furniture names)
    Sometimes I say it's the official language of this small town in Sweden, and everyone in Scandinavia has to learn it because they produce a lot of IKEA stuff. Luckily, a lot of people do not believe me.
  7. Do you have penguins?
    Other side of the planet my dear.
  8. Do you have polar bears?
    On a Norwegian territory, yes. Just walking around in the streets, no.
  9. Do you have reindeer?
    Yes, we do.
  10. Have you seen Rudolph?
    Uhm, yes!
  11. Omg, you're from Norway! Do you know [insert foreign sounding name]?!?
    I guess this one applies to a lot of places. It's weird to me, however, when it's just an European name as if everyone in Norway knows everyone in Germany.
  12. Did you come here to raid a village and plunder?
    Suggested by @gilbaron