The term that is. Is this 👯 catching on @ChrisK ?
  1. I'm a big guy
    I was a fat kid, I'm still big and I've come to terms with it. No, as a man I don't deal with as many body issues stuff as women do, but there are still some issues that should be addressed.
  2. It's called "plus-size"
    So there's normal size and plus size?! No, I do not accept that. There are tons of different sizes and we can label them all with non-judgmental categories.
  3. People say plus-size thinking they're politically correct but their tone still say "fat"
    I see through your bullshit, so don't try it
  4. It's always a separate flippin category in any store
    Like "normal" sized people go to the left and "bigger" people go to the right? Do they not want us to mix? When has that ever been a good idea?!
  5. "If you don't like being plus-size, lose some weight"
    Again, you're basically saying fat and this is weight shaming so stop it!
  6. People tend to match plus-size with unhealthy
    Not the same and unless you're my doctor I'm gonna need you to shush
  7. Some "plus sized models" should never even be considered plus size.
    If there ends up being only one acceptable "plus size" then what is the point of plus size
    Suggested by @sky