1. Dolk
    Means dagger. One of the most prolific artists from Bergen.
  2. LaStaa
    Means let stand. It used to be what we wrote next to important messages on the chalkboard in elementary school. The rest is what you assume it is.
  3. Snurre
    Means to spin or turn
  4. Dolk
    The face belongs to our former mayor and biggest coffee maker in Norway. Body from unknown.
  5. Vest
    Means west, and technically vest, but I think s/he's going for the former.
  6. Argus
    Doesn't really mean anything specific.
  7. Yatzy
    You know, the game.
  8. Aram
    Doesn't really mean anything either.
  9. Joy
    English name, Norwegian flair. Red text says: watcha lookin at?
  10. Dolk
  11. Snurre
  12. Dolk
  13. Dolk
  14. Snurre
    There used to be a mailbox right over Postman Pat. It came up shortly after all the anthrax threats.
  15. Argus
    This is our princess. She has started a school that teaches you to talk to spirits and angels. No joke.
  16. Dolk
  17. Snurre
  18. Dolk
  19. LaStaa
  20. Vest
    The sign originally said "don't feed the birds." Some parts of certain letters were scratched out so now it's saying "don't paint the owls."
  21. Snurre
  22. Dolk
  23. Dolk
  24. Vest
  25. LaStaa
  26. Dolk