1. Dolk
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    Means dagger. One of the most prolific artists from Bergen.
  2. LaStaa
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    Means let stand. It used to be what we wrote next to important messages on the chalkboard in elementary school. The rest is what you assume it is.
  3. Snurre
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    Means to spin or turn
  4. Dolk
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    The face belongs to our former mayor and biggest coffee maker in Norway. Body from unknown.
  5. Vest
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    Means west, and technically vest, but I think s/he's going for the former.
  6. Argus
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    Doesn't really mean anything specific.
  7. Yatzy
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    You know, the game.
  8. Aram
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    Doesn't really mean anything either.
  9. Joy
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    English name, Norwegian flair. Red text says: watcha lookin at?
  10. Dolk
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  11. Snurre
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  12. Dolk
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  13. Dolk
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  14. Snurre
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    There used to be a mailbox right over Postman Pat. It came up shortly after all the anthrax threats.
  15. Argus
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    This is our princess. She has started a school that teaches you to talk to spirits and angels. No joke.
  16. Dolk
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  17. Snurre
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  18. Dolk
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  19. LaStaa
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  20. Vest
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    The sign originally said "don't feed the birds." Some parts of certain letters were scratched out so now it's saying "don't paint the owls."
  21. Snurre
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  22. Dolk
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  23. Dolk
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  24. Vest
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  25. LaStaa
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  26. Dolk
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