It's getting closer to Thanksgiving, so here are a few ways The List App makes me thankful.
  1. Let's me make silly jokes without people mocking me
    Though the lack of likes and relists might be an indication of a joke being bad, you guys don't attack or make fun of other people. This feels like both a rare and truly nice thing.
  2. Introduces me to new people from the comfort of my own home
    Whether it's on the app or at meet-ups (not the comfort of my home but I'll take it), I love getting to know new people. If they don't suck that is, but so far so good.
  3. Allows me to write and be creative
    This one is obvious but really important. I'm not a writer by any means, but I love being creative. The List App is in many ways a perfect outlet for me. Can't stop won't stop listing.
  4. Inspires me
    To read, cook, write, and so much more. Some times it's as easy as a recipe and other times it's a list that I wish I had written first.
  5. Keeps me and my own damn problems in check
    It's hard not to with all the honesty and heartfelt lists about real issues. It's amazing that you all want to share the terrible (and wonderful) things that happen in your life. Thank you. It puts a lot of things in perspective and it's always interesting to read. Please keep it up. Happy Thankslisting!