In no particular order.
  1. Tromsø during winter
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    Or the north in general. It's a beautiful city filled with really fun people. It's also close to a lot of different really beautiful nature. Be aware it's nighttime 24/7 during winter.
  2. Tromsø during summer
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    To get a taste of that midnight sun. This photo could have been taken at 10pm. It's really cool to watch the sun never setting.
  3. Lofoten
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    Would recommend going during summer. This is a spectacular island group and is without a doubt the most beautiful place in Norway. There are cool cities, great beaches, cool fishing opportunities and tons of mountains.
  4. Jotunheimen
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    Cluster of mountains. If you like hiking, there are a lot of great trails for you here.
  5. Oslo
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    Our capitol. It's the biggest city in Norway and therefore the place with the most stuff to do. For instance, the royal castle castle, museums, cool bars, great restaurants, Holmenkollen ski jump, etc.
  6. Take the train from Oslo to Bergen (or vice versa)
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    The express is around 7 hours, so it's longer than a flight. You will, however, get to see tons of nature on your way. You also get to see Finse, which was the place they filmed Hoth for Star Wars.
  7. Bergen
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    Second largest city in Norway and my hometown. It's surrounded by 7 mountains and full of cool bars. Also a great historical dock that's unfortunately full of tourist shops, but still worth checking out.
  8. Go skiing
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    There are tons of places to do this. Hemsedal (pictured), Trysil and Geilo are a few of them.
  9. Take a cruise
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    There's one that goes all along the coastline. You get to see everything. This one takes commitment.
  10. Fjords
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    You can see them on the cruiseline, but you might just want to check out some fjords if you don't have time to do the whole thing. There are some close to Bergen.
  11. Preikestolen
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    It means The Podium. It's over 1900 feet above sea level. Tons of people come here and sit on the edge.
  12. Preikestolen Part II
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    There's a single rock placed between two ridges. It's a straight fall down on either side of it. It's terrifying.