I'm getting in the spirit early.
  1. Grandma died?
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    I would only wear it to my grandma's christmas party. She wouldn't understand it anyways.
  2. Happy Hanukkah!
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    I'm not Jewish but I would totally wear this one.
  3. Santa broke the internet.
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    Is eggnog actually good?
  4. If I was celebrating with the in-laws.
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    Sadly I'm not.
  5. This one was only in the ladies section.
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    Not that it really matters. Sweaters are sweaters!
  6. This looks like a fun drinking game.
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    Though are they insinuating that women can't throw well enough to hit the target? Or is she just getting started? Hmmm.
  7. Ha ha!
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    I'm still laughing!
  8. Subtle but wonderful.
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    Actually maybe not so subtle.
  9. A more realistic approach?
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    My cursive isn't that good though.
  10. Yes!!!!
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    Next level!
  11. I WANT THIS!
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    Blue is so my color!