I'm still on your side @aprilkquioh, but please take a second to listen to my reasoning.
  1. You get rid of people who don't appreciate you
    Right?! F them! If they don't like what I have to say, get out of my life already!
  2. Shows how The List App has matured
    In a tight, small community it may be hard to unfollow someone because it can come back to you in a bad way (like being persecuted on several lists). If said community grows large enough it's less scary, so maybe it's just a sign of app maturity?
  3. People are finding themselves
    Yeah, it may suck that their style may not include you but see point 1. What I can always appreciate, however, is people figuring out who they are. It's ok if they found out I'm not for them. At least we got that cleared up.