1. Is this it?
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  2. What about this?
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  3. This one has to be close.
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  4. Is it portable like this?
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  5. Tell me if I'm getting warmer.
    726d0060 7465 434b bef4 35606847fa1a
  6. Warmer?
    E1745dab 901d 459d 9a4b 8c4cc8dfbe1a
  7. Warmer?!
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  8. Colder?
    21f43a07 771b 400b 9ce2 d63458306836
  9. Warmer?
    4ca496d7 b40a 45cf 92a7 1a2392f62d72
  10. Is it like a pie?
    77336a65 cf87 4038 a55c 2470cd7e6cff
  11. Am I least in the vicinity of a hedge fund?
    8e212119 be10 4da8 80e3 ff9be9c10edb
  12. This is probably the closest I'll ever be.
    B5a9905a f2fc 4aff 95b7 2451f4a5804a