1. The longest high school in the world(?)
  2. No on-campus security
  3. Obvious bad guy is founding member and has a house named after him
  4. No parent teacher conferences
  5. In spite of being a magic school, uniforms looks identical to those of any British public school
  6. Owl feces everywhere
  7. No student councilor system in place that prevents people from turning to the dark arts
  8. Too many death traps
    More than 0
  9. Man with criminal record teaching organic chemistry to high school students
    I'm actually a fan of Snape
  10. Lunch lady gets no credit
  11. A seemingly terrible HR department based on number of professors that have come and gone over the past years
  12. Only one janitor... For a whole castle?!
  13. ...
  14. Sounds magical!