I think I have to move to a new city
  1. Chris
    friend of a friend. my friend is trying to set me up with him so, a social situation riddled with land mines. clingy AF. has sent a lot of weird texts. currently in Japan for work/vacay and wanted to Facebook message me, while in Asia, after meeting me twice (because he couldn't text me internationally, he said). BUT WHY, THO. if my best friends were in Asia for three weeks, maybe more, I wouldn't message them on fb. I'm not messaging you, sir.
  2. Hasan
    was nice. but no spark. kissed him though so, too late to quit it?was like kissing a family member. but I have to, quit it that is. what do I say?! shouldn't have kissed him. but needed to in order to find out about said spark. ugh. I'm terrible.
  3. Rodrigo
    guy who mowed my lawn twice because it was OUT OF CONTROL and I couldn't do it myself with my busted lawn mower. now drives by my house at odd hours (read: 7:30 am) and knocks on my door asking to mow it again. just forget where I live because you're creeping me out! also, you ever want to feel with 100% certainty like you're gonna be killed, wake up to pounding on your door at 7:30 in the morning and dogs freaking the fuck out. would not recommend.
  4. the sweaty cigarette peddling guy
    why do I always see him?! why is he so sweaty all the time??!!???) why does he always remember me and sit down to talk to me???????
  5. my neighbor, Winston
    let the one of the dogs (blue) out to pee, I'm in a bathrobe, just woke up so my hair/face are a mess, saw how windy it is, and stepped outside to feel it. then yelled to the dog in my best Cletus the slack jawed yokel voice, "BLUE, STORM'S A-COMIN'! GIT YER TAIL IN HERE!" then noticed Winston on the other of the fence. waved politely. can never see him again. it'll be difficult.