spoilers? maybe?
  1. Star Wars trailer
    for real. bionic hand grabbing a light saber?! don't toy with me, Lucas.
  2. opening shot of space
    off to a great start
  3. Matt Damon gets left?!
  4. Chiwetel Ejiofor in glasses
  5. NASA finding out Matt's alive
  6. dookie potatoes grow
  7. aerial shots of Matt driving around mars
  8. more space shots
  9. things blow up/go wrong
  10. Matt getting to the supply ship for the next mission
  11. blast off from Mars
  12. almost missing the grab in space
  13. moar space shots
    large part of me has always and will always want to be an astronaut. and I'm really into space.
  14. Matty D in the Hermes
  15. Martinez goes back to space
  16. end
    lost it. game over. had to spare the guy next to me and get the fuck outta there.
  17. maybe I'm about to start my period
    maybe I just really like space. still didn't cry as much as I did at Interstellar.