My two roomies, one of their girlfriends and the photographer from The Spectrum (North Dakota State's student newspaper) drove through the night and morning to Texas for the FCS Championship game. Here's what insightful things we talked about:
  1. Seatbelt extenders are a thing
  2. Commitment issues
  3. Some people don't know how to drive or use their blinker
  4. Don't ever ever ever ever ever want to leave college
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  5. Sam Herder is Pace's idol
  6. Pace looked for big boy jobs on the way down (sports writing)
  7. Don't drink coffee at 4 a.m. unless you want to stay awake
  8. Life is hard, but life is fun
  9. Ma I'm sorry for drinking a lot but I'm young so let's party. I still love you
  10. Bison will win a fifth straight title
  11. Carson Wentz won't play
  12. A few ladies like like Noble but he's too chicken to move forward
  13. Pace still likes AD
  14. Still haven't found a title for Pace's gamer (the sixth gear? If we win)
  15. Beef jerky is expensive
  16. Frisco was fun last year, but this year is going to be better
  17. We are staying on the club floor at this hotel and it has its own bar only for people that are staying on that floor
  18. Best roads are in Oklahoma
  19. Pace is going to start working out again