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Sure fire lines guaranteed to get huuuuuuge results in your sex life.
  1. If they are wearing Trump gear..."You obviously don't have good judgment so let's go have unprotected sex in my windowless van."
  2. "I'm not Mexican, Muslim, educated, or knowledgeable on any subject."
  3. "You know Trump rhymes with hump."
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The past several years I've tried to go to a new national park each year for my birthday.
  1. Zion - Utah
  2. Bryce Canyon - Utah
  3. Grand Canyon - Arizona
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Partial list. Many more could easily make the list.
  1. Johnny Cash - The Fillmore SF
    He told the audience that he hadn't planned on playing in San Francisco but was convinced by a friend to come. The audience was great and he was beaming at the great reception he got from the audience. He really seemed overjoyed and his performance reflected this.
  2. Nomeansno - the Starry Plough Berkely
    Small bar. We got there early and were treated to a sound check where they covered "The Love Boat"
  3. Mel Torme - Hollywood Bowl LA
    The enthusiasm of my friends and myself was acknowledged by Mel to the extent that he began talking to us and even thanked us specifically.
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Albums are not in any particular order
  1. Exile On Main Street - The Rolling Stones
    I didn't like the Stones until I was 18 and changed my mind mainly because of this album. No major hits; post British Invasion. It was like wiping away the make up from the face of America. I still listen to it often and it leaves me feeling like I just walked out of a honkey tonk at 5 am still drunk.
  2. Escape From Noise - Negativland
    Hilarious and inventive. I started thinking about "music" differently after this.
  3. Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis
    This album makes me feel cooler than I actually am. All the solos are from the first or second take with only minimal sheet music and no practice sessions yet they're damn near perfect.
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