Albums that changed my life

Albums are not in any particular order
  1. Exile On Main Street - The Rolling Stones
    I didn't like the Stones until I was 18 and changed my mind mainly because of this album. No major hits; post British Invasion. It was like wiping away the make up from the face of America. I still listen to it often and it leaves me feeling like I just walked out of a honkey tonk at 5 am still drunk.
  2. Escape From Noise - Negativland
    Hilarious and inventive. I started thinking about "music" differently after this.
  3. Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis
    This album makes me feel cooler than I actually am. All the solos are from the first or second take with only minimal sheet music and no practice sessions yet they're damn near perfect.
  4. Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin
    First album that was all mine. An eighth birthday gift from my brother. Started me on two paths: Classic Rock and the blues.
  5. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - David Bowie
    A rock album that was so much more.
  6. Wrong - Nomeansno
    Makes the darkness fun.