Partial list. Many more could easily make the list.
  1. Johnny Cash - The Fillmore SF
    He told the audience that he hadn't planned on playing in San Francisco but was convinced by a friend to come. The audience was great and he was beaming at the great reception he got from the audience. He really seemed overjoyed and his performance reflected this.
  2. Nomeansno - the Starry Plough Berkely
    Small bar. We got there early and were treated to a sound check where they covered "The Love Boat"
  3. Mel Torme - Hollywood Bowl LA
    The enthusiasm of my friends and myself was acknowledged by Mel to the extent that he began talking to us and even thanked us specifically.
  4. Joao Gilberto - Masonic Auditorium SF
    Just him and his guitar. Painfully shy and amazingly quiet. You could hear a pin drop while he sang then the crowd would erupt when he finished.
  5. Rocket From the Crypt - Bimbos SF
    High powered and intense. And oh those sequined shirts.
  6. Frank Sinatra - The Riviera Las Vegas
    He came out drunk and stoned (by his own admission). Started out a little shaky but turned it around and gave a great performance.
  7. Best of the worst... Fear - Trocadero Transfer SF
    Before the show the announcement was made: "Do not spit on the band. If you do they will stop playing." My friend went to the bathroom after the first song and came out to see the lights turned up and everybody filing out. "What's going on?" Someone spit on the band.