Sure fire lines guaranteed to get huuuuuuge results in your sex life.
  1. If they are wearing Trump gear..."You obviously don't have good judgment so let's go have unprotected sex in my windowless van."
  2. "I'm not Mexican, Muslim, educated, or knowledgeable on any subject."
  3. "You know Trump rhymes with hump."
  4. "Ah, come on... I've already spray tanned my penis and it took me forever to give it a comb-over."
  5. "If I told you I was a white supremacist would you hold it against me?"
  6. If you are a man picking up a woman: "I hate women."
  7. If you are a woman picking up a man: "I hate myself."
  8. If you are LGBTQ: sorry you're out of luck.
  9. "Hi Ivanka, I'm Donald Trump and I think you're hot."