Are you having the same usual, mundane day. Then this is for you.
  1. Imagine you want to buy shoes urgently, there's only one shop and you try on that pair of shoes, they don't fit you, they seem to be small and there's no other size that you can take to compensate it. You rather buy that shoe and go off. Yes. Exactly what life I am living right now. Exactly what millions of people are feeling the same right now.
  2. Usual day. Off to job you don't like. You feel like cursing yourself. You feel astonished as to what the AF happened to your decision making power that you chose to do this job. You are exactly what you think I am.
  3. I want to do something I love. You want to do something that YOU love. You want to feel happy doing it. I want to feel the same. Touché. We are sailing in the same boat.
  4. I know I CAN do what I want to. And I am going to start it this year. ANYHOW. That's a promise. That's a promise I made to myself. That's a promise I made to my inner self. That's a promise I made to you. And I NEVER fail.