Thanks to everybody! Technically 101 but...
  1. I know I haven't been posting all that often
  2. And that's because school is crazy
  3. And to be honest, other social media sites interest me more
  4. But still #blessed to have 100 followers!
  5. From my 100 followers:
  6. I know 0 of them irl
  7. 0 of them have my number
  8. 0 of them have my snapchat
  9. Idk how many have the Twitter/insta
  10. 0 are my Facebook friends
  11. It's cool to have my real life persona be anonymous
  12. I'm not even sure a full picture of my face exists on this site! Cool! I could look like anyone!!!!!!!! You wouldn't know!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks to the One Direction section of list app for pulling me through
  14. Thanks everybody!!!!!!!!
  15. Maybe I'll do a fun list where I tell you more about myself! Maybe I won't? Depends on how busy I am
  16. .