I've had a recent string of bad luck, maybe I'm the new meme??
  1. Broke my phone on Saturday
    Very, very dumb reason that ended with my SIM card being put back into my phone wrong. I basically own a glorified iPod right now, but am getting a new iPhone on Sunday. Luckily I was getting a new one for Christmas anyway, but now I feel dumber.
  2. Accidentally ordered 4 otterboxes
    To protect the new phone mentioned above that I will be receiving Sunday. I ordered from the website because it was $15 cheaper and free express shipping but it didn't go through, so I tried 4 times, but still didn't go through, because it was still in my cart. I check my online bank statement to see if my order went through, and it had, 4 times. Today I called my bank and otterboxes and all of them are supposed to automatically disappear, so I hope they do. tl;dr: it's going to be fine