It's happening, here is my dream cast (leaving it as a suggestion list because I didn't finish it because #draftmas)
  1. Zac Efron
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    Main character
  2. Abbi Jacobson
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    Main character
  3. Natalie Dormer
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  4. Chris Hemsworth
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  5. Chris Pratt
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  6. Seth Rogan
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  7. Aziz Ansari
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  8. Amy Poehler
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  9. Emma Watson
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    Just seems very content
  10. Phyllis Smith
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    Keeping with the sadness brand
  11. Bradley Cooper
    A4cbc0eb 7f62 4a93 904f 83dbd56f6f56
  12. Queen Elizabeth the 2nd
    F18fa9db b23a 4006 b82b 23f55b6e759c
  13. Idris Elba
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  14. Emma Stone
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    Both have very large eyes
  15. Mindy Kaling
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