It's around the first of the month, which means I'm making my monthly playlist to play in the shower/car. I can't think of any great songs off the top of my head, so suggest songs you like so I can check them out!
  1. My May playlist was:
    Luck, Hit It, Heart of Stone and Trouble, all by American Authors. The Ballad of Mona Lisa and Hurricane by Panic! At the Disco. Two by Two from Book of Mormon. Ophelia, Angela, and Cleopatra by The Lumineers. Best Fake Smile by James Bay. Cold Arms and The Wolf by Mumford & Sons. Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy. Work From Home by 5th Harmony (@k8mcgarry is it 5th Harmony or Fifth Harmony pls advise)
  2. Try Tripping on Your Love by Primal Scream - goes right back to '89.
    Suggested by @Penfold1971
  3. Dancing on Glass by St Lucia!!!
    Suggested by @katevh
  4. Painting Roses by Dresses, Stranger by Covey (since you like the Lumineers). Anything by COIN—they're new, so they only have one album, but I think it's great!
    Suggested by @sophgra