In honor of his birthday today, here is my favorite (dead) president. Somebody else did this a while ago, and the title for it has been in my drafts since!
  1. Here he is! The 3rd president of these United States of America
  2. Background
  3. Born on April 13, 1743 in Virginia, the 3rd of ten children. His father was a planted and surveyor who died when Jefferson was 14.
  4. Jefferson inherited approximately 5,000 area of land, including Monticello. He assumed full authority over this property at 21.
  5. He was like crazy smart. At age 9, he started to study Latin, Greek and French.
  6. He went to the College of William & Mary at age 16. He graduated two years after starting. TWO YEARS.
  7. Later worked to get his law degree, and was admitted to the Virginia bar in 1767.
  8. Some of you will be like: but he owned slaves !!!!!!!!
  9. To this I say, yes. But that was the time period. While he was a delegate in the Virginia House of Burgesses he pursued reforms to slavery.
  10. He also took seven cases for freedom seeking slaves and with his fee for one client who claimed that he should be free before the statutory age of 31 required for emancipation in cases of interracial grandparents
  11. Personal stuff:
  12. He married his 3rd cousin. A little weird, but normal for the time.
  13. Martha, his wife, died at age 33 in 1782, after making Jefferson promise that he would not marry again because she didn't want another woman to raise her children.
  14. The children that Martha and Jefferson had together were:
    -Martha (Patsy) -Jane -a son who only lived for a few weeks -Mary Wayles (Polly) -Lucy Elizabeth -another Lucy Elizabeth. Only Martha and Mary survived more than a view years
  15. Political career
    Strap in kiddos
  16. Declaration of Independence
  17. Virginia House of Delegates and Governor
  18. Member of Congress
  19. Minister to France
  20. Secretary of State
  21. Vice President
  22. President
  23. Presidency:
  24. National debt
    Upon assuming office, he first confronted an $83 million dollar national debt. After two terms and lots of cuts, he lowered it to $57 million
  25. Military Peace Establishment Act
    Created West Point
  26. First Babary War
  27. Louisiana Purchase
    Bought the land I'm sitting on now! Lewis and Clark! Sacajawea!
  28. Later years:
  29. University of Virginia
  30. Autobiography
  31. Lafayette's visit
    Total bro out
  32. Death:
  33. Sweet memorial: