I'm supposed to be studying for a Latin test and a map quiz over Africa but whatevs
  1. Ok so there are these books that I read as a child that I loved
  2. My college friends and I were talking about reading them and I was realizing that because of these books my major is what it is: History
  3. We were discussing the ones that we read when I came across one that I vividly remember and I was in tears just remembering reading it
  4. So I bought it
  5. And another one
  6. Here is a picture of me buying them
  7. A total of 2 cents for the 2 books and 7.98 for shipping
  8. So thank you writers of Dear America books and American Girl books and mostly importantly: American Girl History Mysteries.
  9. My favorite Dear America
  10. My favorite American Girl
  11. My 1st favorite American Girl History Mystery (think actual tears after thinking about it for the first time in years)
  12. My 2nd favorite American Girl History Mystery (everything I know about glass making I learned from this book)
  13. Hmu if you want to talk about any of these series
  14. Update (3/4/16): they came today