With a ranking out of 10 of how embarrassed I am to have done it
  1. Detasseling
    You could start when you were 12, and I did. I'm starting my 8th year this year. You walk through corn fields and pull out the tassels on top so the female corn can be pollinated by the male corn. I usually don't need to explain this because everyone in my small town has done it/ or knows what it is. Embarrassed about it: 3/10. It's hard work, but good money. However, most people don't do it past 2-4 years.
  2. Crossing Guard
    "I assisted children in crossing a busy highway." I read and got tan for 2 summers. Embarrassed about it: 5/10, mostly because we were unnecessary
  3. Laundromat Attendant
    I sat and watched TV and did homework and occasionally had to do laundry/help people do their laundry/clean tanning beds. Easiest/best job of my life. Embarrassed about it: 0/10, it was easy and I was able to do my homework and watch TV
  4. Museum Intern/Assistant
    Volunteered at my hometown museum for a year and a half and they hired me to work weekends one summer. I helped number objects and give tours. I also had to change the sign outside. I did get to put together my own exhibit at the end though! Still volunteer here and will hopefully get some paid hours this summer. Embarrassed about it: 0/10, it's what I want to do with my life
  5. Speech Judge
    I did speech for 4 years in high school, and I am also close with my coach so I judge for my team at meets. I really like it, it's good money, I get to see my family, and someone else drives. Unfortunately it's only 2 months a year, and it's every Saturday at like 5AM, because we usually have to drive an hour and a half from my college to get to the meets. Embarrassed about it: 0/10, it's a great gig
  6. Office Assistant
    I currently work at the Printing Services of my college. I can help people with ordering hard bound thesis and business cards. I also answer the phone and email. Embarrassed about it: 1/10, it's a good on campus job, but I occasionally see people I know and for some reason I get embarrassed?
  7. Assistant Housekeeper
    I needed a summer job in my hometown and here it is. I help clean rooms (read clean toilets and showers), make beds, and do laundry (which isn't that bad). I don't really know the people that I work with (even though we went to the same high school) and I often feel awkward and uncomfortable during breaks when we all sit together. Embarrassed about it: 9/10, I'm a maid