Inspired by @egkeller
  1. Smithsonian- American History
    The. Goal. 🙌🙌 Work in collections, exhibits, archives, literally whatever. Fun!
  2. National Archives
    I could work in the archives or museum part! Fun!
  3. National Park
    They have museums! Fun!
  4. Personal assistant- celebrity
    Please. But only if I could quit eventually? And not if they were mean to me. But otherwise could be fun!
  5. Historical fact checker for tv, movies and musicals
    PLS. Whatever kind. Fun!
  6. SNL
    Writer or performer. Fun!
  7. Stay at home book reader
    Only if I could choose the books. Fun!
  8. TV show reviewer
    But only if I could choose the shows. Fun!
  9. Concert Tour manager
    Only for my favorite artists though 💁 fun!