❄️❄️SNOW DAY❄️❄️

Snowpocalypse is coming for us and so my university cancelled all classes tomorrow!!!!!! 3-22 inches comes our way! Here's what I'll be doing
  1. Went to go see moulin rouge tonight and after we got the news. The movie was very sad
  2. There was nothing on the ground and it hasn't even started raining so this pic happened
  3. Staying up late watching pride & prejudice
    The 2005 version of course. KIERA 👏 KNIGHTLEY👏
  4. Wake up, shower and eat
    As per usual
  5. Reading
    For my classes.
  6. Studying
    I got a lot of tests this next week but some got moved back!!! Yay!!!!!!
  7. Watching TV (probably while studying tbh)
    Probably Smash if I'm being honest. Unfortunately it's getting taken off Amazon Prime soon
  8. Not as fun as others will be having (spending all day drunk) but it will be a good catch up day